A Smart Building

IT Special Systems – Low VoltageA Smart Building


Saving time and money on every building every time.

Lower Costs | Lower Risk | Proven Execution

Built for centralized management

Preventing downtime of building equipment.
Improving safety for management and customers.
Improve sustainablity
Decrease overall costs


Building Management

Make smarter decisions on space utilization
Maximize returns on capital investments
Boost operations efficiency
Optimize lease and admin functions

Operational Efficiency

Even in social distancing situations, increase space utilization.
Make quicker and better space planning decisions
Optimize the real estate for maximum returns
Optimize maintenance, repair and operations of building equipment


Items that go into a Smart Building

  • Project Management oversight
  • Data Network Wiring & Cabling
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Optical Fiber Installation
  • Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
  • Security Systems
  • Network Connectivity for all devices
  • AND the brains behind it all that make it A Smart Building 

STRATIS IoT –  the only IoT Platform built specifically for MultiFamily and Student Housing, with focus on return on investment for Property Owners & Managers and Residents as natural beneficiaries

Ruckus – With fewer network elements to manage and machine learning- and AI-powered service assurance, RUCKUS networks simplify life for IT while delivering a reliably exceptional connectivity experience.

ComScope  world wide leader pushing the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks


What is a Smart Building and how do I get one?

A Smart Building is any office, apartment, entertainment venue, hospital or school that uses systems to automate the operations of the building. These systems include but are not limited to lighting, HVAC, security and customer service functionality. All of these individual systems being linked together with a management platform that allows the building management or owners to make informed operational decisions on energy uses, space utilization and asset reliability is what makes the building smart. It is no longer just a place to take shelter or attend an event, meeting or class. It helps you to make more money.

Any building that is not smart will cost more money to operate than one that helps you make better decisions around the use of resources to efficiently operate the space.

Today there are not a single set of standards around making a building smart. That is where TekNation comes into the picture. We have the talent to be able to determine the most effective design for your space. We pull together the correct resources and systems to implement the design; and we stay with you to help operate and maintain the systems once it is up an functioning.

You will never be alone in the technology landscape wondering how do I enable these functions within my space. TekNation will always be right beside you guiding you down the path.

Types of companies assisted:

Office Buildings

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